Why You Need To Remove Wasp Nests From Your Home

Wasp nests do not go away during winter months, so wasp numbers typically rise in spring and summer as a result of mating and nesting. When wasps come out of hibernation they are hungry and therefore more aggressive – the sight of a human being can cause them to attack without provocation.

For your safety, pest control experts recommend removing any wasp nests near your home as soon as possible.

Why should you remove a wasp nest?

– To protect humans: Wasps’ nests contain up to 5,000 living insects; if provoked, all these wasps can swarm out in less than 20 minutes. As soon as humans enter the range of their nest, they will aggressively attack.

– To protect pets: Pets are often smaller than humans, so if pest control experts need to remove a wasp’s nest then it is best to do this before they wake up from their winter sleep, for safety reasons.

– To protect your home: If you have an established wasp’s nest near your home, pest control experts recommend removing it immediately. Wasps may also build new nests on or outside your house during summertime. If left untreated these will only grow larger over time which could lead to structural damages including leaks around roofing and windowsills.

If you find a wasp’s nest near your house, pest control experts recommend that you call in pest control professionals to handle the removal. Wasp nests can be very difficult to remove by yourself, so unless you are an expert it is best not to touch them.

Pest control experts say summertime is one of their busiest times of year because wasps are being spotted more frequently around Geelong homes and business properties. To avoid getting stung by any bees or wasps around your home, pest control experts recommend avoiding wearing bright clothing while outdoors for extended periods of time. When working in the garden, pest control experts also recommend wearing gloves and other protective gear. If you have children make sure they are supervised.

If you need pest control around your home, pest control experts recommend using a reputable company to complete the task. You should always check up on their credentials and service history before hiring any pest controller. Insist that they provide both pest inspection and pest removal services during the same visit and find out if they are insured in case of accidents.